KT Hart

is an


Guest Speaker

Animal Communicator/Trainer/Behaviorist

and Television Show Host.

KT Hart

is an

Animal Trainer


Animal Communicator/Translator

and Television Show Host.


//KT Hart


KT Hart is a dynamic television host who engages her audience with humor, experience and passion. KT is committed to helping people connect with the animals in their lives to improve the quality and depth of their relationships – and, by extension – the lives of everyone and every animal they touch.

She modestly seeks to shift the consciousness of the planet and improve the lives of everyone who tunes in!

  • Television Show Host
  • Actress
  • Animal Communicator, Trainer, Behaviorist
  • Guest Speaker

KT Hart is a renowned animal behaviorist, trainer and holds within herself the special ability of animal communication. Hart proves the impossible possible, she redefines communication on all levels with humans and animals.

She encourages, promotes and educates humans through various media platforms, to include but not limited to Film and Television. To connected People and Animals through the awareness of core Truths, by bring Harmony and Balance to all living entities.

As a behaviorist and trainer, she is the founder and former owner of Hollywood Animal Stars and has trained and worked with a wide variety of animals for film and television from dogs and horses to exotic animals.

 KT and her daughters at the movie red carpet event. 
Four Happee furred family members in new estate Four Happee furred family members in new estate!

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