Hart describes her communication with animals as “a series of images” that flash through her brain when an animal decides to open up to her.

She says it’s not the same as communication with humans  "I am able to talk with the animals in a variety of different ways. Sometimes I get full mini movies that tell a story. Other times I get pictures, image or words.

Often times I get strong emotions and then ask the animal further questions to get their message defined more clearly.


I also frequently receive internal dialogue accompanied by that animal's unique personality, almost as if it was actually audible but it's not.

If an animal or human, etc is ailing with a condition, I sometimes physically feel what they are feeling, am led to where the issue is or get words, sentences, dialogue as to what is going on and then am given insight on what to do to heal and restore balance.


I have assisted many animals in their expansion in their lifetime. When I am asked to train an animal, I light-heartedly tell people these days that I cheat.

I go right to the source and quickly discover how to get from A to B because the animal lets me know. Animals are easy because everything is “black and white”, “Truth or not”.


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Ever wondered what your animal is thinking?  Are you having unexplainable issues or concerns?

Animal Trainer, Communicator/Translator, Behaviorist, KT HART can help you with your animal family member(s)!

Because of KT's 25+years of experience training/working with all kinds of animals, from working with family pets to training exotic and domestic animals for film/television and service work, as well as a being a successful professional hunter/jumper trainer for horses, she can quicken the modifying of behaviors, and/or training that will allow you and your animal family member to live in a more harmonious environment!


Perhaps you just want to know what your friend is thinking or maybe there are health concerns?

Contact us TODAY for an introductory session.  (In-Home and phone sessions available)

Prices starting as low as $49 for a session!

Let KT Hart help you help your animal !  You’ll be glad you did !!

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To learn more about KT HART'S mission, her experience, and also to learn more about how to be involved with her new television series please go to:
IMDB: http://www.imdb.me/kthart
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kthart


Are you living the life you always dreamed possible? Do you have unmet goals, ambitions or just feeling a little stuck, confused or simply wanting clarity? Consider allowing KT to help. KT was born with a high level of intuition and has been using her talent both with the animal kingdom and internationally as an intuitive business advisor.

Animal Communication


per session
  • Animal & Person
  • Behavior
  • Communication
  • 20 minutes


per session
  • Analysis
  • Reading
  • Business Development
  • 30 minutes
Guest Speaking


per event
  • On Location
  • Film/Television/Video
  • Corporate/Sales/Marketing
  • 1 hour

Countless have been helped and freed from feelings of despair, depression and confusion. Because of her personal business acumen, years of experience in different verticals, she is able to use her talent to deliver information she receives intuitively specifically for you to bring clarity and thereby improving your relationships both in business and in your personal life.

Whether you are needing insights and/or possibly feeling at a crossroad, her abilities as a medium lend itself to elevating and motivating you to positive ground!